Reqular Herbal Hair Oil 100ml



Why Vikash Thailas is considered the best oil for hair growth.


100% natural herbal products

Vikash Thailas is free of synthetic colors and preservatives.



Clinically tested

Our fast hair growth oil has shown 70% reduction in hairfall and removes dandruff within 12 weeks


The specialities of our fast hair growth oil


Does not contain chemicals

Vikash Thailas for hair growth contains 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain any chemicals that can damage your hair in the long run.


Prevents hair breakage and dandruff

Our herbal hair oil is rich in vitamins and will nourish your hair so that it doesn’t break and fall. It will also clean your scalp so that dandruff doesn’t reoccur.


Controls hairfall within 10 days

Vikash Thailas will moisturize your hair shaft and nourish your hair roots such so that your hairfall will be greatly reduced.


Delays hair greying

Since your hair is nourished by our Vikash Thailas . It will take a longer time for your hair to start greying.


Strengthens hair follicles

Vikash Thailas is rich in vitamins. Hence, it nourishes and strengthens your hair follicles when applied to your hair.


Catalyzes hair growth

Vikash Thailas can make your hair regrow in just about three months. Very few hair oil manufacturers in the market can give this assurance.


Reduces body heat

Vikash Thailas will have cooling and soothing effect when applied to your head, especially during summer months.


Refills your sebacious gland

Vikash Thailas for hair growth will refill and revitalize your sebacious glands so that they can keep oiling and maintaining your hair for the next few months.


Stressless sleep

Vikash Thailas will relax your head muscles in such a way that you will fall asleep every night without any trouble.


Control Your Hair Loss with Vikash Thailas Hair Growth Oil


The ingredients used in our Vikash Thailas

The ingredients used in Vikash Thailas are 100% natural. They are hand-picked and hand-grinded to preserve their effectiveness. We have chosen only the most effective herbal ingredients to make your hair regrowth as fast as possible.



Aloe Vera neutralises the ph of your hair and frees blocked pores therebyfore allowing your scalp to “breathe” and prevents accumulation of dirt.



Kalonji nourishes your hair roots so that they can grip your scalp better and minimize hairfall. It also contains amino acids that make your hair smooth and shiny.



Bringraj leaves nourishes your hair roots and shaft and improves blood circulation to your scalp thereby revitalizing your body.



Moringa contains thiocyanate which strengthens hair roots and prevents hair fall. It also nourishes your hair and accelerates hair growth.



Rosa sinensis eradicates dandruff from your hair and scalp and prevents its recurrence. It can also cure any fungal infection on your scalp.


herbal hair oil container



Sessile joyweed cools down your head thereby reducing the redness in your eyes. It acts as a natural coolant to your head and body.



Fenugreek is rich in niacin, alkaloids, iron, and antecedents that promotes hair growth and can also repairs hair damage.



Alliumcepa contains sulfurous compounds that make your hair thick and strong thus reducing hair fall. Alliumcepa also accelerates hair growth.



Cuminum cyminum acts as a natural moisturizer for your hair and scalp. It can cure split ends and broken hair and arrest your hairfall.



Gooseberry is rich in antioxidants. It prevents and cures the breakage of your hair and split ends and thereby reduces your hairfall.


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